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Hello everyone..

As a technical Person I am not aware of the tactics of writing a blog. So, if I have done any mistakes here, just ignore them..

I am so much frustated with the monthly subscription fees taken by POS System provider companies.

What’s that?

POS System = The tools you use to run your retail store, successfully.

We are just launching a future’s POS System that has all the latest & really smart tools and analysis tools so that you can detect your trends and easily optimise your sales. We are providing you a tool that not only lets you see what happened in your retail enterprise last month, year, or decade but lets you see what it happening right nowa and with that letting you affect that by being able to plan ahead and make clever decisions.

How do we do that? Firstly, and this is important, we connect every aspect of your retail enterprise together, instantly. If you have multiple stores, StockGist lets you manage them all in one place. If you have one store, you can manage it from anywhere.

The key features of StockGist is that, we are not going to charge you on monthly basis or yearly basis. We are providing you the facility to pay only $199 once and enjoy our software lifetime. our support team is so experienced and ready to help you whenever you need a support.

One of the key feature of this Pos software is that if you want to make it online then you just do it. All you have to do is that just buy a hosting and put it overthere. After this you may able to use StockGist PoS from anywhere.

Another cool feature is that this software is responsive in nature. You can access it over Laptop, Mobiles, iPad, MacBook etc.

Right now we are busy planning for our launch. I hope you will all love this software.

Thank You

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